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    It seems like there were some replies to this issue, but something is not 100% clear to me. Can we do picture mail after installing the latest patch from sprint? or do I need to do some of the reg hacks listed in the forum?

    I read somewhere that I should see a new version of the software after installing the patch. I installed 4 times and mine is still 1.13 (under settings > system > about >phone). Should it be something else?

    Can you guys go to send a text message and insert a picture? That option in my menu is not available.

    You guys are awesome.
    Thanks for all your help.
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    the patch from sprint ONLY lets 700wx users send to verizon and tmobile carriers. before the patch this was not possible. it doesnt matter if you have the threaded sms with patch or not no pic mail.

    now, you can do picture mail with the mms hack. this is availbe via reg edits or a cab version that installs everything you need. please understand that even though the threaded sms app had a "new mms" option, it does not work. it may never work. with or with out the mms hack. if you want to send an mms message after you have installed the mms hack. you need to take a picture and then hit menu and choose send via mms. or from your pictures you can send it. you can not send it from with in the messageing apps though.

    hope this makes since, cody

    ps: remember these are different thing that with a search you can find right here in the 700w/wx part of treocentral.

    threaded sms app
    700wx sms patch
    sprint mms hack
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    thanks for all this info...!!! I really appreciated it!!
    I was not sure about picture mail and the hacking modifications. I will do the hack and try sending something.

    thanks for the searching tips too!
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    look for the mms hack cab. way easy to install.
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    One word of warning when utilizing the MMS hack to send picture mail:

    Each MMS message you send will be counted as an INTERNATIONAL TEXT MESSAGE. Now the cost for these are rather cheap (.10/each), but be advised you will be charged for them. It happened to me.
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    thanks for the heads up!!

    I guess that $.01 is not that much for picture mail. I'm not planning on sending a whole bunch of these.

    Thanks again!

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