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    Just looking for some help. Ordering a headset for a friend that recently got the 750. Which headsets are working the best. Looking for feeback on two differnt fronts.

    1) If price is no object, best of all worlds, voice quality on both ends a priority.

    2) Budget minded, best value with good voice.

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    I am using the Palm one, it was the one I used on the 650 and works flawlessly on the 750v
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    The Jabra JX10 works fine (but is expensive).
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    I picked up a pair of Motorola HT820 BT Stereo headset and it works perfectly with the 750. Even with the installed version of VC
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    i'm using the plantronics 350 and 510 and they work great... i'm curious to know if other bluetooth headsets also control the volume on the phone. for example, changing the volume of the headset activates the volume indicator on the phone as well as changing phone volume.
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    Plantronics 340 which works well with very good volume. Cortez, it functions with the volume control as you described.
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    I'm using the Plantronics 655, and I'm very happy with it. The headset volume controls do adjust the 750's volume as well. It costs more than average, but it sounds great, it's very small and light, and I like the charging options (USB, wall outlet or using a AAA battery).
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    Anyone tried it yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghileman View Post
    Anyone tried it yet?
    I hope it works fine with VC to inititate calls on the 750. I want to pick one up to use with my KJAM and then eventually with the 750.

    As far as the headset itself, the sound filtering technology I hear is remarkable. It is a bit large for a headset though.
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