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    Just installed it - trying it as I type this (almost) - Ilium has a new FREE screen capture utility. Will post impressions again after I play with it.


    Ok - after stumbling through the somewhat cursory instructions, I think I like it. You have to run the program, and define a key to use for screen shots. It says app1, app2, etc. and that just corresponds to your buttons that you program in Settings. So I mapped mine to the start key. I had a little trouble figuring what to do next, because I kept taking pictures of the blank app screen until I figured out that you have to press "ok" and find what it is that you want a picture of. The snapshot gets stored in My Documents, and it doesn't seem that there is any way to change that location, as the interface is fairly sparse. But it's quick and easy (now...) and there's a timer function as well, which is kind of cool.

    Try it out - I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about it...
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    WELL. I thought it was interesting anyway.
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    did you ever get it all figured out? do you like it better than what ever you used before? why?

    i'm looking for a different one as well. i use get pda screen but it put pics as 240x320. i want 240x240.

    does it do that?
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    Cody -

    I think I was using get pda screen too. This one does 240x240. I played with it a little more, and I'm definitely keeping it. I think it's pretty useful because you can snap pictures of your screen wherever you are. I used to have to sync mine, then take a picture from my desktop, and then it was still 320x240.

    Not that I've ever needed to before, but the possibility exists now that you could conceivably take screenshots of something on the road and upload them directly from your device, at 240x240. I'm sure there's got to be a few other uses I haven't thought of yet...

    And, it's free... which is always good.

    Necessary to the positive progression of my existence? Not really. Cool? Oh, yeah.
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    yeah, there's a bunch out there now, including this one:

    Which has been out since August and I think a lot of people are using (obviously does "square"). Resco Photo also comes with a real nice one.

    as far as taking a pic and uploading it on the road this is what I do 95% of the time. You just get a PhotoBucket account and email the photo to there and it'll upload it for you. It'll then email you back a confirmation with the link to it. Quite easy.

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