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    I was curious, is there any difference between a hard reset & then installing 5 apps (an example) vs restoring from a backup of right after a hard reset with those same 5 apps being installed from the backup?

    Not sure if I am making sense, but is there any difference in how the Treo will respond in both senerios?

    Now that I dumped Sprite in favor of SPB backup, I would like to make a "master" backup of my email with exchange, my 15 or so favorite apps/tweaks.

    I hard reset so infrequently because of the PIA of doing so. However with a nice clean backup, I would feel much more free to install apps to play with if I could do a simple restore.

    So, is there ANY difference between a restored clean backup vs a hard reset & installing those same apps?

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    A restore after a hard reset gets you back to the exact state of the system at the time of backup.

    If you have a backup of your system when it's in a golden state exactly how you like it then feel free to test whatever you like. If it screws up your system you can easily get back to your golden state. Just make sure you sync your pim info prior to experimenting so that you can keep your contacts, etc up to date after the restore. I don't restore pim data from the backup. ActiveSync takes care of that.
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    I do exactly this. I have a "fresh" system image that I made with my apps, hacks, and settings just the way I like them. This took me, through trial and error, something in the neighborhood of 3-4 hard resets and re-programmings to get the way I like it. And since we always continue tinkering with everything, each time I have to use my golden restore, there are always a few things I have to modify, but we're talking the difference between a 30 minute experience after a hard reset as opposed to almost 2 hours without those things in place.

    "I've got a golden backup..." (you know, Willy Wonka? heh heh)
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    how is the full reset performed, and does it destroy any PHONE data?
    Would a PRL update remain?

    I am having some troubles, and would rather do a HARD reset, to factory condition and see if that fixes things, install the FEW new apps I have and mail setups, and go from there.

    Any idea how to get mail settings to be saved?

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