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    I was wondering if the wx has DUN so I can use it with 910? If not is there anyway to use it with tomtom 910 for traffic and weather. I was able with the 650 but have not figured out a way with the wx.
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    I would like to know that also.
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    The 700wx does not natively support Bluetooth DUN. I heard you can use PDANet, but I don't know how well it works with non PC devices.
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    So what your saying is if i'll install the PDANet on my wx it will have a Bluetooth DUN on it?
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    wont work. ive tried b4.
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    So there is no way? It really blows. I really need that service on my tomtom. like traffic.
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    I returned my TT GO 910 because the Plus services like the traffic stuff, wouldn't work with my WX.
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    Has anyone been able to use the tomtom 910 with a Treo 650?
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    Yes, it has been a while but you have to enable DUN which I believe turns off your bluetooth. And everytime I answered the phone I had to reset the DUN. It works but was kind of a pain.
    Also, I used chatter and I had to disconnect before I enable DUN.
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    That doesn't make any sense. DUN works over BT. Thats how you connect to tomtom. it works like a modem, so you can get the data from online with tomtom. only 650 had it new models don't, and it really suxs. Cause i want to get traffic on my tomtom.

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