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    When I receive a new email notification every 15 minutes, if I choose the left softkey "notification" option, it shows the mail sender and subject on screen. I then have two options, "view" or "dismiss". If I dismiss it, and don't get any other mail, it still notifies me again later.

    What I'd like to know is this: are there any other way to program the softkeys, for instance, to make one say "view" and the other say "delete" in case I know right away that I want to get rid of the mail without opening it? It would be much more useful to delete mail from my today screen rather than having to view it to delete it or even open the inbox to go in and do the same thing...

    I know I can map certain apps to softkeys with Tweaks2k2 and other such programs, but there's no command obviously, for what I'm looking for...

    Any suggestions?
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    I think that would require a program that intercepts new mail notifications and throws up it's own in place of it. The delete might be a little tricky. You'd have to either figure out the API to tmail to call it with a delete request, or access the cemail.vol db itself and remove the email. Also what should it do if there are mulitple emails for the same notification? Delete them all? I guess it could list each one with a delete link next to each, but if there are too many just give the option to view.
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    I figured it was going to be pretty difficult, I just thought I'd ask...

    Thanks, hannip -

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