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    Ive posted in every ppc forum known to the internet. I could not get it done hahaha
    Thanks for helping the wx user get this must needed led function
    once again---You rule
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    This works well. Thanks Hannip.

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    Is there an undo for led.reg?

    I applied the led.reg hack, but later installed Treo Alerts 4.9 Pro. Now I don't get an LED indication when the phone is charging.

    What are the default values for the following registry keys?





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    I don't think you should expect to get help at this point now ... why would anyone want to help you after you insult them?
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    On my Sprint 700wx I have Options=9 and Duration=0 for both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    On my Sprint 700wx I have Options=9 and Duration=0 for both.
    That worked. Thanks!

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