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    hello im new here on the forum,,ive had a treo 650 for a year and love i upgraded to a new 700wx with windows 5.0 software..i have a tom tom version 5 on my old 650 it runs on os software..mynamual for the 700 states the treo 700wx can run os programs with a 3rd party this true?? i tried to use the cds from the tom tom kit 5.0 it wont work ...can anyone help me please or else my tom tom is a dum dum ..i have the gps reciever and the cds . i just need some assistance on the windows to palm os conversion.. thanx a lot ,, oh and have you noticed you cant erase the speed dial on the phone can erase the call log, but not the last 9 calls ..i called sprint they said the only way to erase to soft reset..any help i would be happy , thanx mr mechanic
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    to erase the calls go to file explorer/ my device / and delete the "palmVol" file.

    yes, you can erase your speed dial. you can do alot, but you must search to learn.

    as far as the tom tom thing......
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    TomTom 5 works fine on my 700wx.

    TomTom has a link on their support site telling how to do it.

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