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    i apologize i just got the phone recently and have been tickering around. now i want it back to factory settings. how do i do this without having my files deleted?

    thanks a bunch.
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    You can do a Hard Reset by doing the following:

    * Hold the Reset Key with your stylus and while doing that hold the Power Off button in your Treo 700w/wx.

    * A message will then appear if you would like to delete all Data or not.

    * Press UP on the D-pad to select Yes.

    AFter you do that it will reset itself and your Treo will be "Hard Reset" and will be in its Factory Reset as if you just received it.

    There is also a Device Reset program that Palm made that is "suppose" to be a better "Hard Reset".

    You can find it here:
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    but i dont want to have my data deleted. i just want my settings back to default.
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    no way to just go back the the default settings. you have a few choices.

    1. is just ask us for the setting that you have in mind, and we'll tell you what thay were set to from the factory.

    2. backup what files you want to save on to you pc or storage card, and then do a hard reset.

    I would recommend number 2 cause it's nice to have a backup just incase something happens and you loose everything.

    altho, number 1 will help you understand the settings better giving you a better experience with your phone, and possible avoiding more number 2's.

    the choice is yours.

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