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    Just wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem getting the SD card out of their treo? I have a 700w. I bought a sandisk 1gb SD card. When I put it in, it seems to work fine but I cant get it out. Normally you press in and it pops out but not this one. I have an RMA for it and am sending it back but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

    I brought my phone to verizon to have a rep check it out. He put in the filler SD slot card and it went in, and popped out with out issue.

    SO I was forced to assume it was this sandisk 1gb SD card I bought.

    Having them send me another, hope it works better :-)
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    I haven't had a problem but I saw on another forum where somebody had a stuck SD card. Don't know what they did to get it out but they said it looked to be touch thicker.

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    I can get it out only if i slide something inside and pry on it.
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    No problems here.....if anything my problem is that it pops out too easily!
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    new to the wx treo...I am having issues already and I am wondering what an SD card is so I know if I might have a problem?...not trying to ask a dumb question....just trying to be informed. This is the highest tech phone I have ever owned (thanks to my hubby!).

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