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    A friend of mine has the 700W with Verizon. I want to get him a Xmas gift, and I was thinking of getting him a Wi-Fi card. I know he has a Wi-Fi router at home as well as one at work, so I figured this would be a good idea.

    However, I was wondering if Wi-Fi really gives any big advantage over EVDO for the 700W?? He does have Verizon's unlimited data plan, so using less EVDO data will not be of any advantage to him.

    Do web pages load much faster using Wi-Fi with the 700W or does the bottleneck become the RAM & processor speed and not the download speed?
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    My understanding is that wifi is more of a battery sucker and thus not a big advantage over evdo.

    Might I suggest a gift certificate to the TreoCentral store in the same $ amount instead?

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