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    It just keeps going and going and going....then it wont do it for a while...then it will start again.

    I have done soft resets/hard resets...everything.

    I seem to remember months ago some issue with activesync and the start menu - could this be the same thing and if so what is the fix?


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    Maybe your keyboard button to bring up the start menu is bad. You could try mapping it to <None> or another function and see if that stops it just to rule out your keyboard.

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    software conflict by the sound of it.What 3rd party apps are on board mj
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    If you have done hard resets w/o success, its most likely a hardware issue. You may have a sticky start menu hardware button. Bring it back to your provider to see if you can get a replacement.
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    3rd party software at times is not always deleated during hard reset.That would be my question when it comes to current-past software on board.
    Mj give palms reset app a download.If that doesnt resolve your issue it,s time to call sprint or Palm for your treo replacement
    Palm Device reset app provided in link below.Hope this helps
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    Mine started doing that after I installed SmallMenu +

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