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    Anyone else get the text message with the Palm URL for the Sprint WX text message update? Anyone have idea what it actually changes?
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    I never got it, buy assume its just the sms patch that we got last month. some people don't check the sites and would not have known it was out. maybe this is there way of telling people about the fix.
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    post the url and we'll tell you if its the same thing.
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    "SprintFreeMSG: Important! Sprint 700wx SMS update patch now available. Tap on link Tap yes to download Tap OK to finish"

    File has the same size as the fix that came out a month ago. Pretty sure it's the same.

    Just amazing that they finally let the masses know it's available....
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    ok, if you go to the link that has a different url, you'll find that your address bar will display this

    it is the same thing.

    I never got the message though.
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    I received the SMS twice yesterday.

    Nothing new. Just a link to the current patch. Sprint's really on top of things.
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    Good to know thanks all!
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    I installed it again before realizing that I already did...

    Yes, you should install this update."
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    I just got this text a few minutes ago. link doesn't do anything though. probably because I did the SMS patch update from Palm a while ago

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