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    I installed palm messaging app and now when i send a text message after someone has started talking to me i have to go to the outbox and hit resend i am using a 700w with verizon service someone please help.
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    Have you copied all 13 files over from the palm messaging/programs folder & pasted them in the windows folder?
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    yes i selected show all files in roxio file explorer some one please help
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    did you delete the "poutlook" file from windows/start up folder.

    remove, soft reset, and try again.
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    i just removed that file but it didn't do anything still have to manually resend messages
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    Make sure you didn't paste shortcuts to the 13 files. Someone over at ppcgeeks did that and had the same issue you are having. The fact is that if you have the send delay you haven't copied all of the 13 files over to the windows folder.

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