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    OK I have a Treo 650 that was a Srpint branded that was reprogrammed to be on the Verixon network. Now I have a 700w that i use every day, my little brother has my 650 and I also have 2 Treo 700wx phones. I know that now that the legislation has been passed to make carriers support others phones, I wanted to see if there is nyone here that can point me int he right direction to reprogram my 700wx's. Has anyone done it yet? What do I need to do to get the networks switched on the phones? I hate my 700w because of the memory issue. Only since I use Good as well as Slingbox. They are both memory hogs and really bog it down and lock it up. Please anyone help me with this one. I am willing to compensate someone if they are able to tell me what needs to be done and it is successful.
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    There was no legislation passed that made carriers support other carriers phones.

    There was however legislation passed that said a carrier could not sue you for unlocking a subsidized handset.

    Most likely you will not be able to get verizon to activate your wx because the esn is not in their databse
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    True, but I have seen Verizon enter ESN#s into their DB. Case in point, the ESN from my 650 was added into their DB, although it is in there as a different phone completely. I mean would it be more lucrative to add a number into the DB and keep customers, or lose customers when the phones are subsidized anyway and loss leaders only to be recouped via monthly fees. Heck, I would advertise that my cell company would accept other carriers phones, because that measn I did NOT have to loss-lead on the phone, the other guy did, and I get the monthly service contract. That is a no-brainer IMO. But yes they are not yet obligated to accept the ESN into their system. I will however cancel my service in order to use a faster phone than what I currently have. Anyone want to buy a 700w and 70wx?
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    You're a little hard to you want to take a Sprint 700wx and put it on Verizon or Take a Verizon 700w and put it on Sprint?

    Either way it requires a nefarious employee who will enter alien ESN into their company's database as this goes against both Sprint and Verizon's policies.
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    Im sorry if I wasnt clear.
    I want to take one of my Sprint branded 700wx phones and put it on the Verizon network. I am currently using a Treo 700w and have 2 700wx units from Sprint sitting here gathering dust. I would rather use a 700wx becasue of the memory issue.

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