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    I have posted on this before, I dial a call it says dialing and then says hanging up and most of the times a pop up comes and says call not completed please check signal strength and make sure number is connect and so fourth.
    It was adviced that at times evdo is trying to connect and this occurs but i made sure on all 8 of my occassions today on my screen "EV" was in white the arrows were there but grey so it wasnt trying to connect.....
    I had NOT had this issue duing my intial one week of usage.... i havnt done naything or added anything....others ARE havint this this perminant or just happening lately? is it server related, phone, towers. network or what? its totally annoying cause the ONLY fix i found is it will do it on any number you dial and only way to get out of it is soft reset and its soo annoying someone please help
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    What purpose does "Please read" have in the subject line of your topic? Do you think that just because you have that there that more people will read it? Don't you think if we all did that it would really serve no purpose?
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    hahah nah man just out of respect thats all
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    I had the same problem, but is always when I travel near the airport with full bars. I think is something there that doesnt allow me to place calls.

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