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    I'm looking into getting a car mount for my 700wx. Right now, I just want to use it for handsfree phone use in the car, but in the future I will possibly buy a GPS unit for it.

    I need your opinions on what works well and what doesnt. I have the 700wx with the Seidio Premium Skin case. I have a plantronics BT headset (which doesn't work too well due to the BT problems w/ the 700wx), and I have a car charger.

    I was looking at these car kits specifically. I'm not sure if any of them will work the way I need them to with the BT problems.

    Seidio Car Kit

    Mr Handsfree Genius Car Kit

    Motorola BT Kit

    Or any of these and I'll worry about a cradle later...

    Any recommendations?


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    ummm well i have one thats way better than those and the price was way less it allows u to hear and communicate clearly and its awesome got it for 50 dollars new ...dont use it much so if youd like u could buy it
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    did i mention it includes gps
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    Compact and lightweight design. Design to fit specific model.

    Unlike Universal mount, it doesn't move or fall off while driving.

    Charge function imbedded with holder. No cable mess around. Charger with On/Off Switch

    Built-in Speaker

    Charger on/off switch

    Audio in port

    Power LED Indicator

    Vent clips adjust to variable widths to accommodate most any vehicle vent system, horizontal and vertical.

    Strong Flexible Windshield Mount that holds up to 10 pounds

    No tools or extra parts required - just install, mount and GO !

    CE e-Mark Approve

    Package Content:

    PDA Holder/Cradle/Charger (In Retail Box)
    12V Cigarette Power Cable (In Retail Box)
    2.5mm Audio Cable (In Retail Box)
    10 Inches Suction Cup Mount (In OEM box)
    Vent Mounts (In OEM box)
    3M adhesive foam Included for any surface where suction cup doesn't stay on (In OEM box)
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    Cody, I think you meant
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    I like those proclip mounts (kinda expensive), but I was also wanting there to be a built in speaker/hands free kit for the car since my Plantronics BT headset doesn't work very well. Any other ideas or options?
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    Look on under GPS accessories.

    I found these:

    There are more though. You just have to look.
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    Cody, I think you meant
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    I think I'm gonna try the Seidio car kit. I need a mount and a speaker phone, this likes it will work the best. Anyone have any experiences with this? Since the speakerphone is connected via BT, do you think it'll have problems staying connected?

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