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    I was out this evening & my wife used my treo to check her AOL email. Or she tried to do so but couldnt due to the browser being too old.

    Is there an easy way to check your AOL email using IE?

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    why not just add your AOL account to one of the Messaging accounts in OUtlook? I don't use AOL but a friend of mine added in his AOL account to Outlook and it works great, he tells me. Very happy.

    That way your mail will be there on your device and you won't have to browse to it - that's very clunky.
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    Well, its my wifes account & I dont really want to give her the slightest idea that she could borrow my treo. Plus I dont want to add AOL to the messaging.

    I was just hoping for a webmail aol type link.
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    hmm it looks like they changed or it is broken.


    Use desktop view to format correctly.
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    Thanks Hannip, that looks perfect!

    BTW, did you get my PM?

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