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    hopefully some of u can point me in the wright direction. I live in japan and I recently bought a treo 750v in hong kong. I use softbank as my service provider (formerly known as vodafone) I was an avid palm user. but this is my first smartphone, as you all probably know just in possible to get anothr treo to work here. I actually went to hk with getting this phone as top priority. I have to say I love it so far. The one thing I would love to do is be able to receive and send mail using my home account. I use cable modem at home and using MS Outlook to synch contacts etc. Is there anyway I can accoplish that using my home account.
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    do you want PUSH functionality? if so, there are numerous services out there that provide that PUSH service that you're looking for.
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    I don't really know what that is. I want to be able to send email from the phone using my home email account. Basically the cheapest and easiest way
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    why can't you email straight from the outlook account, that woun't even let me adjust the settings, dosn't give me the option to send mail or anything, can anyoone help me out?
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    ok maybe I am extremly stupid, can I use my vodafone email account at home on a computer? If I can set up my house computer with my vodafone account that would be awesome.

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