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    I am using my 700wx with Exchange Activesync. When I send emails from the handheld... they appear in my sent items in my outlook on the desktop, but they don't appear on the handheld sent items.

    My handheld sent items is empty. Very strange. Its set up on the handheld to make a copy in my sent items. But it doesnt go there.

    I only sync wirelessly. I dont sync via the desktop with USB.

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    Set your sent items folder to sync
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    While in email, with the list of emails showing, did you go to Menu => Tools => Manage Folders => and then you'd see the list of folders. Make sure the folder for sent is checked. Also, you do know that when the item gets sent, it doesn't actually immediately moved to the sent box when it leaves the outbox. It actually populates the sent folder by syncing up with the server. So it will take a minute for an item to appear in the sent box.
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    Thanks guys. Fixed now.

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