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    Anyone know how to highlight sentences in treo 750v (windows mobile) without using fingernail / stylus but instead using the 5 way navigator key.

    I used to install Field Plus in my 650 (palm os)

    Anyone know if there is a similar version of Field Plus for windows mobile
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    I've only found half the solution so far - selecting text requires finger nail or stylus operation (yuck) but once the text itself is selected, you can copy/paste with press/hold of the center nav button. Pop up menu offers cut/copy/paste, etc.

    Just need to find an app that will select vis the 5-way. The search continues.
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    Anyone found anything yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by esatyawan View Post
    Anyone found anything yet?
    Hi, I've just suscribed today, so I am all new @treocentral.

    I am using an Treo 750v in the German Vodafone network.
    History: Communicators, lot of WM Phones like mpx200 or htc jam, Treo 650 and now the 750v.

    I've found this topic via the search option, I know it's an older thread but I'm interested in an solution too.

    Only workaround I've found: activate the on screen keyboard, select shift - now u can select text with the navigator.

    Btw, Palm Treo 750v handbook discribes at page 22 that u only have to press the hardkey shift an select text with the navigator - help file on the treo itself says the same.

    I did write palm and told them that I found this bug, because it doesn't work that way and they are not aware of this bug, it was new to them and furthermore they won't offer an update.....

    Don't know who is actually testing the devices, before they are released - but thas....

    Is there anyone else here who's annoyed about that fact or who had an response from palm?

    Or did someone found an solution?

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