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    Hey everyone. I have been frustrated by the fact that Windows Media Player(WMP) on my 700wx often defaults to "My Device" in the library. All of my real songs are on my "Storage Card". It's a pain to have to frequently switch back to "Storage Card" to see my playlists, music, etc. I just figured out that the list of media on the device both in ram as well as on the SD card is kept in a database file called This is contained in the MSMETADATA folder on the Storage Card and in Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player on the device RAM. If you have any files even small sound bites on the Treo's physical RAM and do a library update in WMP this file will be created and will be listed in the WMP library. If you delete this file it will disappear from the library list. That is just what I did and now I only have "Storage Card" listed in WMP. Hope this is useful to others too.
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    If you figure out how a fix, come back and let us know. Thats been driving me crazy today too!
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    This is the fix. Read my post fully. I don't have the issue anymore.
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    Was WMP creating 2 music files? One on the SD card the other in main memory? That happens to me every time I sync WMP.

    I actually started a thread in the WM Multimedia section yesterday about this right here.
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    No. My problem was that the library in WMP would show both "My Device" and "Storage Card" even though all of my music was on the card. It would default to "my device" often especially after powering off.

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