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    Just curious because I am always adding data and use a category for everything. If I can delete the new "Automotive" added to the WM5 for 700WX and the good 'ol "Seasonal", that's 2 less presses for me on the D-Pad or 1 16th of a second less that I have to hold the D-Pad down.

    No seriously, there has to be a way to remove these... I can't find info anywhere, only other questions...
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    you're not alone. others have the same problems.
    so far there's is no fix.

    I don't have problems with it though. I don't use categories.
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    Think I found a way from a post soemwhere and posted about it here:
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    I use "quick" categories like--

    PERS, MTG, REV, etc.

    Now, I've gotta fish through the built-ins
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    New problem is how to delete old/obsolete categories. I have some that are company-specific... and I'm no longer company-connected (oops). I've edited all Contacts and Tasks with the specific category in it, and have resynch'd, but the category is still on the Treo's list. Any ideas? Seems like this would be captured somewhere in the REG.
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    You can add remove them through desktop outlook.
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