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    So i want to take the contact from my treo 700w and import them/sync them to my MacBook Pro so they go in my address book on my computer please help me OOOOOOOOR can i just save my contacts and all the information with the contacts in my phone to a sd card then put it in my computer and import the contacts to my address book on my mac some how?
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    A simple google search for sync pocketpc mac should have helped you. Anyway, I use the missingsync program to sync my treo 700w to my PowerMac G5. Works like a charm, even bluetooth.
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    Missingsync works, (although it messes up my recurring appt's) but I've moved to now, and it can't be beat. They give you your own Exchange server which then uses activesync to keep you in sync over the cell network. Any change you make to any pim data instantly sync's with the Exchange server. The Outlook web component means you have access on any computer.


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