View Poll Results: Have you ever used your Treo while driving (aside from using the phone)?

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  • Yes, I can't stop using my Treo while I am driving!

    34 41.46%
  • No way! I never use my Treo while on the road.

    7 8.54%
  • Ok, once in a while I will use the Treo while driving.

    39 47.56%
  • Whats a Treo?

    2 2.44%
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    Ahhh, road head, the kind you never ever get once you get married.

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    i've got to agree with littlewaywelt and not because not doing so. in truth, it's almost akin to gambling with perhaps lesser known odds. i don't care how proficient some might feel they are because in the end viewing/using a pda type device while driving is a serious ill. since i'm not the verbose type,

    you're kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

    happy holidays
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    Got to agree - using any device while driving is unsafe - the road deserves your full attention!

    *waits for knives to come out*
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    Has anyone driven in the DC/Baltimore area lately? shaving, reading the paper, drinking coffe, and Blackberrying. Women putting on makeup, talking on the phone, and a movie on in the SUV. Scurrrrzzzz me, and I don't scare easy.
    My Treo: I think I'll keep her. All dressed up for prom and her date Foleo stood her up
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt View Post
    as a person that bike commutes by choice I'm offended by drivers like you.
    what about us drivers. maybe there should be a poll on who rides there bike and treo's.

    ed collins from palm said in a recent interview that he has even treoed while bikeing. talk about dangerous.
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    There is no place finer on earth than California. The 101 northbound between Goleta and Gaviota at sunset. Ranchland and hills to the right. The sun setting over the Pacific to the left. Clouds coming in for a late winter storm. And a Treo in hand at 80 mph reading email on Chatter.
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    All the time, especially with the traffic updates from live local.

    Any of you guys know of any touchscreen guard improvemments for the 700wx?
    how do I Disable the Touchscreen call answer function?
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