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    As if that title wasn't confusing enough, I'm wondering if someone out there can help me out on this one. I got a new Verizon Treo 700w and when I get the pop-up message saying I've got a new voicemail clicking on the link calls some (000) 000-9128 number that obviously doesn't work! I've edited my voicemail quick-key to my phone number followed by ,# so all I have to do is enter my code with I press 1 or click on the option on my homescreen. But it's when I get the pop-up message that I have trouble. I went to Start, Settings, Phone Settings and tried to edit the number there but it seems that it can't be edited. Does anybody have any explanation/advice/ideas? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks~
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    Call Verizon. Of the 6 phones we got, 2 had the wrong number programed from them.

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    You can fix it by using a registry editor, and going to HKEY_CURRENT_USERS then system then state then messages then select vmail and change the VMailNumber to the correct number and that will fix the problem.
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    Question: Using reg edit, I follow those steps, get to vmail, and under that is 3 folders; Line 1, Line 2, and Total.
    I don't see a voicemail number anywhere.
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