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    in case you don't follow the 700p forum, I thought I would share.

    one of the 700p users wrote a nice letter to palm concerning the problems with the device. there biggest problem was the lack of communication from palm on the issues and the fix. the letter was well wrote and was backed by the whole community. thay did get a nice response from palm. here is the link...

    I was wondering if we, the 700 wx users, could do something like this. I realize we may not have as many issues or as big of issues, but it would be nice to know when and what they were doing about it.

    for a lot of us the bluetooth issue is very important. bluetooth dropout is not acceptable with a device like this. in fact, the only wm device that doesn't do bluetooth dialing is a joke.

    I don't know. I just think it would benefit palm with future sales and people returning there phones when thay would know when and what was going to be fixed.

    what do you guys think? did the tc 700p guys do good or what? do you guys think it worth a try for the 700wx? or maybe even the 700w for that matter.

    thanks, cody
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    I think they did well and getting a response from Palm isn't easy, but Palm didn't say anything we didn't already know. But I did like the response, and the fact that they even wrote one...
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    I think its pretty safe to say I will not be buying a palm ever again after my recent experience with it. Letter or none.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happydeath View Post
    I think its pretty safe to say I will not be buying a palm ever again after my recent experience with it. Letter or none.
    see this is what i'm talking about. a short search for posts made by "happydeath" will show you he is disappointed with the bluetooth issues. he got his device long after most of use found out there were bluetooth issues. i'm sure palm knew about these issues as well before happyjack purchased.

    i'm sure there would have been a few that would have purchased a different device before hand if thay knew of these issues, but I bet most would have felt a lot better knowing that the manufacturer recognized the issues and were trying to resolve them. many of us that were (are) left in the dark, return these phone and purchase other products if fear that the issues will not ever get fixed. I am one of few that hang on just hoping theres a fix. many don't have hope.

    the key here is communication from palm. just knowing that thay know and are working on it is comforting.

    communication the issue in the letter.
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    Like most corporate responses, the answers are vague and dodgy. Yes, it's fine and dandy that they wrote back at all. But frankly, the statement about "discussing issues internally" as opposed to acknowledging them publicly is infuriating. We all know that the BT is beyond screwy. They know it too. I think we'd all be a little happier if they just said something. I could personally whine and moan about it with a lot less aggravation if they just said, "Yeah, it's messed up. Sorry. We're doing SOMETHING about it." And when they realize it. Not after MONTHS of user misery.

    To say nothing to the user base, treating them like a bunch of zealots who nitpick every little aspect of their device is just plain rude. To then compose a response that praises the efforts of the community while belittling their input is absolutely ridiculous.

    I could go on, but it's really a moot point around here.

    I LOVE this phone. More than any other I've ever had. I live with the BT issues because it simply is the best phone for me. But that doesn't mean it's all ok, on the other hand.
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    I read Palms response and I was not impressed by it. They could have given a better response and let us know what they were going to do to deal with the issues. I want built in wifi and GPS but I don't know if that's something for a letter.
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    I've actually got a 700p (but this post popped up when I scanned new posts). The carriers will fight WiFi tooth and nail, since they can make money off of EVDO. I have no doubt that's why it's not standard. Technology has existed forever, now.
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    As a new 700wx owner (got it through SERO at the very end), I can say that the bluetooth dialing issue was something that I wish I had known about earlier. Part of that could have arisen from me not doing enough research, but no review that I read said anything about it. I'd support a letter...
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    Using the 700p for 2 months then reading Palms letter hmm What a joke.Palm's aways known about the overall preformance and didnt care. that goes for the 700w as well.They had a dead line release date and met it well.
    It's busness guys....M O N E Y
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    Input from this early-adopter community is very valuable to Palm. In a perfect world they'd be active on this board doing their own research. Knowing the realities of the corporate world I truly doubt they're paying attention at all.

    This product is extremely important to Palm's long-term strategic plan. The space is crowded and most believe there's a shake-out coming.

    Safe to say we're all pretty frustrated. By that same token few of us bought the thing thinking it'd be perfect. Tantrums solve nothing, and I support a formal dialog with the OEM, cc'd to the WM5 team.

    I nominate Codyppc, he's knowledgeable, rational, and has been active in this community.
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    lol... I have a palm TX that has been out since 2005... it has a couple of issues, one of them with BT (share w/ moto phones). The BT on previous model palms work fine (T5), so it is not the phone.

    I wrote palm back in 2005 and got basically the same response... darn if I did not waste my time... nothing was fixed. A couple of other people also wrote in, but nothing is fixed nor ever will be, IMO.

    On the TX, they did fix the wifi issue (log into secure wifi connection), but you have to pay for the upgrade. When I purchased they did not mention this issue, but said it would be fixed... oooppppsss they did not say I had to pay for it. (Nor did they say it would be free either... lol... and it is only about $6.00.... principle... principle... no, I did not purchase. lol)
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