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    I've got a Treo 700W. I'm set up to check e-mail on a POP account. It sends and receives fine.

    When I check the box that says "Connect and Check for e-mail every "x" minutes" - no mater what the minute value is below, the darn things checks every few minutes. I'd like to just have it set to 60, but it checks every 5 minutes or so.

    Anyone else experience this and resolve it?

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    There are 2 places to change the prefs. one in the settings dialog for that account, and another that you access from MENU>Delivery preferences. You have to change both to get it to stick.
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    Yes -they're both set to 60 minutes.

    Still the same thing.

    It seems as if when it establishes a connection with the mail server, it holds it open. Whenever a new e-mail arrives it's on my Treo within seconds.

    I just want it to go check e-mail every 60 minutes then go to sleep for an hour (unless I need it for a call or something else) then wake up and check e-mail again after 60 minutes.
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    have you tried soft reset ?
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    I am also having a similar problem. I have setup two accounts. One is my company account using exchange and the other is gmail. It seems that whenever an email is arrived, the outlook client will receive the email immediately.

    I have set the schedule like peak hour sync every one hour and non-peak hour manually. But I will still get email during non-peak hour.

    This eats up my battery life and my energy....
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    Quote Originally Posted by esatyawan View Post
    have you tried soft reset ?
    Yes. But thanks anyway.

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