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    I am looking at my RTN and it is showing me with REV A. I thought the treo 700wx didn't have that. BTW i just got this phone the 12/5/06.
    Here is a picture of my phone.
    Also my phone has yet to be connected to the sprint service. I am waiting for my number to transfer tomorrow or Friday.
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    That doesn't mean EVDO Rev. A. That means you have a Treo 700WX with hardware revision A, meaning the first version of the 700WX hardware. Later on down the road, Palm may release a hardware revision B 700WX that has some hardware fixes.

    When I bought my first Treo (Treo 650), it was a revision B unit meaning that it had updated hardware compared to the revision A unit.
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    crap the slipped passed my mind, first i thought though was EVDO Rev A. Dammit thought i was going to be a phone star.
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    How do you have a signal without service?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aph View Post
    How do you have a signal without service?

    The phone still sees the towers. He could even dial 911.
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