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    I want to transfer some files between my laptop and my 750, but I dont want to sync any e-mails.

    Should I install ActiveSync software (software in the CD) for this? Or can I just connect my USB cable to the laptop and transfer files?

    If I have to install the software (for syncing or file transfer or both), can I install it on multiple PCs (desktop and laptop) or is it restricted to just 1 installation?

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    Install ActiveSync then under options stipulate what you want to sync.

    Not sure abouth the mulitple installs.
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    You need activesync installed to establish a connection between the two. But, when you set it up, uncheck all of the sync options, if that's your preference. Once that is complete you can "explore pocket pc" and drag any files you want over to the device or storage card.
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    Funny i ran into the very same situation this morning at work. I was hesitant to install activesync, but did and was off and cruising in no time!
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    do you have BT? sometimes you can do it through that
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