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    Can anyone suggest any tips and tricks for use with iguidance 3/3.1?

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    Can anyone suggest any tips and tricks for use with iguidance 3/3.1?

    1. Use the hotkey feature in iGuidance to set a key for 3D toggle. (both views are helpful at different times.)
    2. Set the auto power-off to 30 min. (max) in the system preferences.

    - Mark
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    for the life of me I can't seem to get my hotkeys to work. When I select the option I want a hotkey assigned to, it only selects the corresponding action in relation to the button I am pressing on the keyboard. My version is thw latest. I would really like to assign my "D" key to switch the display to the second 3D display. Any ideas?
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    It appears iguidance only allows us to set buttons such as the side button on the palm. I tried setting f for fullscreen but it wouldn't let me. I immediately tried the side button and was allowed to use it. If you fugure out how to set letters as program buttons let us all know. Maybe we should contact iguidance on this. I didn't see anything in their faq on it.
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    I haven't been able to set keyboard keys either.

    When I contacted Inav about it, they said they were not supporting that and they had no immediate plans to. They said for me to contact the guy over at who created Inav Keys to see if he could come up with something for the PPC. (InavKeys allows one to program any keyboard keys on the laptop version.) He said he wasn't working on anything yet. (This was back in Oct)

    What I have done is left all of the hotkeys default except, changed my side button to switch 3d mode and instead of having the left and right dpad action cycle through the various screens (map, gps status, route, ect); I changed the left action to show full screen.
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    I have set the spacebar as a hotkey. I think I also set another keyboard key, too--but I can't recall which one now. Bottom line: most keys won't allow hotkey setting, but a couple will.
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    not to hijack your thread, but how do i know if i have a new version of 3.1 with the patch already installed......the voice prompts dont seem that i was wondering if i even needed to install the patch....i mean how slow is slow
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    hit file>about iguidance. It should say 3.0 or 3.1
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    The "D" pad works very well.. Push up/down to zoom in/out.
    Left/right scrolls through different info screens and views.
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    I tried all the keys on the keyboard and the only keys you can set as hotkeys are the spacebar and the enter/action key. I have one set for full screen and the other set for 3D/2D.
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    When you guys are sayin "full screen" what are you referring to? Is it wheb the bar at the bottom goes away which contain "File" and so on? Is there any way for the bottom not to pop up when I come to a stop as it is rather annoying if i'm in stop and go traffic. Thanks.
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    Full screen is when you make it cover the entire screen and get rid of the top and bottom windows mobile menu bars. The one that has your batter on it and the other one that usually has the softkey menus.
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    Is trip planning or anything of that nature available in iguidance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heimlich View Post
    Is trip planning or anything of that nature available in iguidance?
    Yes, by using the itnerary. Unless I'm not understanding you completely
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    The problem with using the spacebar as a hotkey is that you can not use the space bar then when you are typing in destinations or other things. Kind of stupid. I wish they would handle these hotkeys better because some of the features that you can assign to hotkeys are very hard to find in their menus, if at all.
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    Their hotkey implementation doesn't work very well. I assigned a hotkey to the enter key and amazingly it also assigned a hotkey to the center ket on the 5-way nav. I guess they are the same key. Anyways, I then went to use the menus with my 5-way nav and was unable to use the 5-way nav center key. I pushed it to click on the menu item and instead it did what I had assigned it to do as a hotkey. Thankfully we have a touch screen or I would have had to reinstall. It appears the only nonconflicting hotkey is the one on the side of the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moncha View Post
    Yes, by using the itnerary. Unless I'm not understanding you completely
    I was kind of looking for a way to plan my trip on my desktop and then move it over to my PDA. That would be very nice if we were able to do that but it doesn't appear we can do that yet. Maybe iguidance will implement that at a later date.

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