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    So I'm not sure if this is Sprite or just the fact that I sync to an exchange server, but when I restored my 700wx today with a Sprite backup, all of my contacts were duplicated. It was a royal pain to go through and remove them all.

    So I guess my questions are:
    - Does this happen to other people (with or without exchange syncing)?
    - Would getting SPB Backup correct the problem or did this happen because I had the contacts backed-up when I shouldn't have (since in essence the exchange sync does this automatically)?

    Thanks guys.
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    bump... no thoughts anyone?
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    Thanks, Rich. Maybe I didn't have that option set correctly, but I never received that prompt.
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    RichKlein was right, you will need to backup without email, then hard reset, restore the image, then rebuild your Email again afterwards.
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    BTW, my ultimate answer was to switch to SPB Backup.

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