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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevante View Post
    Secondly, what the heck is "DSM"? I'm quite sure he meant GSM.
    DSM... linkie-poo

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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post

    what's it take these days to get an article on the front page of TC?
    He got us to read it, didn't he?
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    I was also very taken back by the article. The guy seems to hate his device. I have used (and owned) several different Windows Mobile based phones (Not smartphone edition. The Pocket PC moniker was dropped several revisions back) and have come to the conclusion that the Treo, so far, if the best combo of phone and PDA.

    The second runner up in my book is the HTC Apache (PPC-6700 on sprint). It has a larger screen, but in my book suffers from having the keyboard under the device. This is also my personal preference, but I have found many navigation improvments that palm has added to basic Windows Mobile Apps. Being able to use the D-Pad to access so many options that require a stylus with a Full PDA or even other Windows MObile Phones is a huge advantage.

    All of his Drools were very minor gripes in my opinion. The lack of Wi-Fi, while disappointing, is not a show stopper. I have yet to find an area where I could not get at least a 1xRTT data connection. He also says he is waiting for 802.11n cards to come out? Umm, hello the Treo has a very limited bus speed to the SD card. A treo maxes out around 2Mbps when reading/writing to any SDIO card. The only reason for an 802.11g card is to prevent the fallback to 802.11b that many access points must do to allow both 802.11b and 802.11g devices.

    The review should just be removed. It is a terrible article and not what I have come to expect from treo central.
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