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    I have the 29.99 plan, from the search that i've found, for VPN connection it's

    My question is do i enter this APN in the "My work network" or "My ISP", I'm unfortunately not able to have my 750 pickup all the settings on my SIM so i have to do all the settings manually.

    I am able to log onto my work exchange server and check emails, but i cannot send, and i have a suspicion that it's due to the fact that i'm just connected to the normal and not the VPN setting.

    Any one care to look at what your settings are and post up for me?
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    I would enter this in the MY ISP setting, since the similar Cingular setting would go there also.
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    thanks, i figured it out, or it fixed itself. LOL apparently my box was filled to the hilt because my coworker likes to send out 1-11MB size pdf of drawings and it quickly filled my mail box and so i couldnt send
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