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    once i purchased SPB i did a full backup when my phone only had AIM contacts calender stuff and the sms threading thats IT nothing else i did a full backup it was 17.9 mb. From that backup i did a selective restore which only restored PIM then i started to install the sms thread over again n sms patch n since then have added two three contacts, did a full backup again n its only 4mb, that doesnt seem normal at all...why is this? cause I will be getting another treo 700wx and i dont want to where i take this sd card put it in the new phone and nothing is there....can someone help please
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    I don't know why your initial backup was so large, but I know when I did a backup with Spb with almost nothing on the phone, it was 4-5mb. I have a ton of stuff installed now, and the backups every night look about 13-15mb. It compresses the image somewhat, I believe, but if you do a complete backup of the phone, and then a complete restore, it shouldn't matter what the size is, as you'll have a total snapshot of your entire system.

    As a point of reference, though, I would only restore an image to the same phone; you also take with you any issues you may have/will have with your registry, file structure, etc. If you don't have much on the phone to begin with, sync your contacts, and when you get your new 700wx, put the contacts back, add programs, and before you do anything else, backup to SD so you have a fresh system backup to go back to. Then you can install whatever you want, and even if you really screw something up and have to hard reset, you won't have to go back "all the way". I backup every night before bed, but I also have a clean system backup file with essential programs and serial numbers/reg codes already in the phone so I can save a ton of time if I need a hard reset on the road.

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