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    I cannot send text messages at all i can receive them, but ever since i installed this messaging app i can not sent them. I removed the messaging app then i used rasco file explorer clicked show all files then went into the device under program files selected alll files under palm messaging app then copied them all to windows. I can recieve the messages but i cannot send any out and this really sucks because i text all the time is there any way i can just get back to the way it was!!! thanks guys

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    It was a requirement to backup prior to installing the palm messaging app. hard reset and restore to start over. Next time you try to install the sms app do it after a fresh soft reset before any programs are running. Actually you should remove poutlook from \Windows\Startup before installing the sms app too.

    1. hard reset
    2. restore to state before installing sms app
    3. delete poutlook from \Windows\Startup
    4. soft reset
    5. install Palm Messaging cab
    6. copy 13 rom files to \Windows
    7. soft reset.

    All will be well.

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