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    Ever since Sprint upgraded its website to the "Digital Lounge" to purchase content for our phones, its been broken for me. When I am a "guest" on the website, I can view all the ringers and call tones, as well as preview them. As soon as I log in, it shows my 700wx on the side, but the menu in the lounge changes. When I go to ringers, it says there are no items to show, and there isn't even a link for call tones. I had a call tone ordered for my 650, and it is still working on the 700wx, but I can't change it or even cancel the one I already have!

    It's not the site, because my wife can get on the site with her LX350 and view all the content that I cannot. I've spoken to several Sprint tech guys, but they have no idea what is wrong, and usually end up telling me that the 700wx is not compatible due to WM5... This can't be true because my call tone is still working!

    Anyone have this problem, or can some of you use the digital lounge without a problem?
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    don't work with the ppc-6700, 830 and the 700wx. all the wm sprint phones.
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    I know what u mean... I have a game thats been charging me for months now since Ive had my WX and they cant remove it and I cant either cuz it doesnt show up but its still charging and on my old phone I dont even use anymore...
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    Sounds like the site is designed for feature phones. Do you have a link?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insp_Gadget View Post
    Sounds like the site is designed for feature phones. Do you have a link?

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