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    I synch my Treo to 2 computers:

    1) My work Laptop for Exchange info (contacts/calendar)
    2) My personal desktop PC for MS Money info

    I have them setup named as such: Laptop PC and Desktop PC.

    Say I synch my money information on my desktop PC, the next time I try to synch with my laptop, it tells me I must delete one of the partnerships. This wreaks HAVOC with my MS outlook as it then goes through and creates a bunch of duplicate appointments, etc...

    Anyone have any luck with this setup?

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    is active sync set up to sync the same info, ie contacts, to both computers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by misterbeauds View Post
    is active sync set up to sync the same info, ie contacts, to both computers?

    "Desktop PC" ONLY synchs Cash Organizer
    "Laptop PC" ONLY synchs Outlook/Exchange

    More info: It tells me, when I switch from one computer to the other (for synching purposes) that I can only synch with two computers and therefore must DELETE one partnership. In other words, it doesn't quite recognize that the computer I'm synching to ALREADY has a partnership with the Treo.

    Mind boggling.
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    I sync with two computers almost everyday. the only thing I see I to make sure the information you are syncing is only set in one partnership.

    what I have is... contacts, cal, and email set woth exchange server. therefore these three are not selected in either of my two partnerships.

    I then have favorites (ie) and my tv listings ( a third party program) set to sync with my home computer.

    last I have files set to sync with my work computer.

    I have had no problems.

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