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    I'm very new to the 700wx (Sprint flavor) after being a long time 600/650 Palm user. Like others around here I've been very spoiled by ChatterEmail.

    So I'm struggling with how to set up the mail software on this thing. My mail comes from a private IMAP server. When I delete a message on the Treo it seems to move the message to a local folder called "Deleted Items" instead of the "Trash" folder on the server.

    Is there any way to specify that deleted messages should be put into the Inbox.Trash folder on the server?

    Also, is there a single button press to delete messages? The only way I've found is to press the right Menu button and then select Delete from that menu. Isn't there a way to do something like map D for Delete, F for Forward, R for Reply when on the message list?
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    I would like to know too.
    Similar problems here with Sent/Sent items and Trash/Deleted Items.

    Usually it's not possible to edit the root folders
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    Same - annoying.
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    Very confused. On the "Other" Tab under eidt mailbox, you can specify where to move deleted items to. Unless I misunderstood the question.
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    "D" does delete for me in the message list. Make sure you have the message highlighted and not the little mail symbol in front of the message.
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    Had the same issue and discovered it is a known Pocket Outlook issue with IMAP servers that keep the Deleted Items / Trash folder under the root=inbox folder.
    My ISP's IMAP server has all the built in folders like this:
    /Inbox.Sent Items

    It appears that Pocket Outlook doesn't "like" that structure and expects:
    /Trash or
    /Deleted Items

    Some article I found stated that MS did not follow the RFC for IMAP when they implemented PO.

    Anyways, I got sick of seeing my messages come back once deleted on my Treo, so I changed the way I "delete" messages on my Treo.
    You're not going to like it (it takes 4-5 clicks now!!!), I went to Tools --> Manage Folders and made sure I sync my server's Deleted Items (not the local one)
    So now my /Inbox as well as /Inbox.Deleted Items folders are marked for sync.

    Now the painful part. Every time I want to delete a message, I don't really delete it, I MOVE it (hold the center button and select Move) to the synced server folder.
    So it goes away from my inbox and sync up to my IMAP server.
    Once in a while when I use my PC's email client I will purge/empty my deleted items and it will sync back to Pocket Outlook as well.

    Not pretty, I know, but once you get used to the click-flow it becomes somewhat easier.

    Now maybe someone can write a MScript that will automate that...
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    Similar thing for me.
    I decided to sync. all the folders and of course end up with "duplicate" folders on the IMAP server but interestingly after sending an email from my Treo, a copy of it shows in Sent (server) and Sent Items (treo).

    It's annoying but regularly, I simply delete the "Sent" and "Deleted Items" folders when I am browsing from my pc.
    Pocket Outlook does what I need but I wish this could be avoided.

    Recently, I signed up with and it gives me a free exchange mail server account (read free push email ), no problem with that folders crap anymore since it's all MS stuff
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    As far as deleting a message from the message list one handed, when the message to be deleted is highlighted, press and hold the center button until a menu pops up that by default has deleted chosen. Just press it again and it's gone.

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