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    I don't know if any of you have used these files but apparently they have copyright protection on them. I can get them on my phone but it won't play them. Anyone know how I can get them to play? Or does anyone know how to rip them to MP3's??
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    I found this via google

    Looks like you either need to burn to CD and then rip to MP3 or use a program like Total Recorder to record it in the background as it plays.
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    I tried to burn it via real player but real player says they are copyrighted files and won't even allow it. I tried burning them as a music cd through nero and it burnt but my cd drive nor dvd drive will see anything on the disk. Didn't know if there were any other tricks
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    You are going to have to burn them as a music cd to strip the copy protection. Then you re-rip them to mp3 or whatever you prefer.
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