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    So I am playing around with my new Treo 700w that I got from Verizon and installing some trial versions of various programs.

    Not sure if I am doing something wrong but sometimes when I uninstall a program and reinstall it later on, the settings I placed on it prior to uninstall is kept on the reinstall.

    So I am thinking that sometimes some dll or other file is not fully uninstalled when doing the add/remove program feature.

    My question is this.

    Will performing a Hard Reset (press reset and power button at same time):

    * Remove everything that I have put in my Treo (hidden files, dll, etc.).
    * My Treo will be reset as if I just got the phone brand new from my Service Provider.

    Just wondering as after playing around with the trial versions of what I put in my Treo, I think I would like to reset it as new so I will be sure nothing is left behind except for what I would like to keep in it.
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    hard reset will reset it like you just got it.

    You can keep reinstalling trial versions to last forever

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