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    I'm sure you all know by now alltel realeased the 700 wx, but did you see the specs on this new monster ( )to bad verizon is taking so long I might have to jump on board with alltel soon. Also can someone explain to me what the new windows 5.2 has that window 5.0 doesn't have, I did notice in the specs it now has Dun support but what else does this crazy little monster have that we don't besides the memory (treo 700w) of course.
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    removed. my bad
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    Dang so verizon is really far behind. what else does 5.2 have that 5.0 doesnt.
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    how do u verify if mine wx has 5.2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinomon View Post
    how do u verify if mine wx has 5.2?
    go to settings/about

    the wx is 5.1.195
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    Isn't 5.2 just a bad way to write WM AKU 2. Ive seen it written that way before in other places. AKU 3.2 is whats current these days, with 3.3 being around in some places.

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    Most sites list 5.2, which means windows mobile 5, + aku 2 = 5.2

    I don't think that AKU 3.2 says Windows Mobile 5.2 in the version.
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    I just want to put this one to bed.

    AKU 3.5 (yes, I said 3.5) is STILL WM 5.1, so fat chance of seeing a 5.2 on ANYTHING

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