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    Anyone with the WX having any trouble with the internet this morning? I have sprint.
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    No problems here
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    No problems here either. Sprint SERO, 700wx, DFW Texas area.
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    i'm on it right now in kc. what I would try if I was you is... ##3282# and then select update profile.
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    Working like a charm.
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    ok I just got off the phone with sprint...we tried doing the reset and wont gets to the point of "resetting the radio" and it just does nothing.

    they opened a ticket and im gonna hear back from someone soon they said so we'll see.
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    I'm having problems with my push email from my corp. exchange server in Chicago. I get emails in bunches seems like every 10 minutes, then sometimes I get them instantaneously. There has been no consistency in getting emails, which is bugging me.
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    looks like im getting a new treo. They cant figure out what the problem is with the phone. They are gonna overnight one to me.
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    I had issues when I changed my dns settings to use opendns. I had to switch back to auto dns and then I could browse again.

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