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    This would be my first post here. I have lurked here occassionally when I used to lust after the treo. Well my company finally decided to get all of us into Verizon and I got the treo 700w. I previously used the HTC Blue Angel/SX-66 on the T-mobile network and while the phone had its issues, I was able to tweak it so it was quite stable.

    However, I am not having quite the same luck with the 700w. I have been searching but haven't found anything specific and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction and help me make the treo more stable - right now, I require atleast 3-4 resets a day to get it to function as a phone and a semi-pda!!!

    Some of the issues:

    1) Phone signal strength is usually one bar or none at most places. I tried making sure that the Network is selected to Automatic B but that doesn't seem to help.

    2) Sometimes and more recently, when I dial, I get a pop-up from the phone icon area which says " Phone connection failure" - what the heck does that mean!?!? only a soft reset solves that....

    3) I get a LOT of freezes - just today, I had a missed call notification and nothing I could do would get it to show...I had to go into the phone log and then check for missed calls.After that, it froze...and ofcourse, I had to soft reset.

    I only have Weather to go enabled for the today screen and use SKTools profusely to help keep the memory clear. I also use Sprite backup scheduled to back up the phone automatically every night at 11pm. I use a 1GB SD card and keep nothing on the main memory (except for the weather app).

    Anyone have any ideas on how to maximise the potential of the treo 700w? I would highly appreciate any and all help.

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    Without anything running, in your today screen, hold down the OK button to bring up the memory window. Stop all applications, then see how much is free. On the 700w, doing this right after a soft reset you should have 12-14MB free. If it is less than 10, you're running too much crap in the background (weather to go) and have to get rid of some, in order to run programs.

    Search for the following here on TC and they might held you...

    1) Hack for lower memory limits - lowers the threshold of free ram required (normally 5MB) before WM starts quitting programs. 2-3MB is supposedly working well.

    2) Hodelogo - gets rid of the carrier/bluetoooth logo in the roday screen. Frees up some space.

    3) 700WX hacks - free program from Tirnaglepowers that lets you adjust a bunch of stuff.

    4) PIE hack for multiple connections.

    5) DO NOT put the IE cache on your memory card, it causes all sorts of problems.

    6) Increase the glyph cache to 16384.

    7) Create a fake server in active synch and use it to adjust the settings to synch manually (i.e. not automatic synch which uses lots of battery power and memory).

    8) Install Oxios memory (the older version without the splash screen) and map it to the side button. Press it any time memory gets clunky and it frees up a couple MB.

    Just search for any of the above here if you need more info.
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    and don't forget the rom update.
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    1) Phone signal strength is usually one bar or none at most places. I tried making sure that the Network is selected to Automatic B but that doesn't seem to help.

    I would select HOME and see if that fixes the bad connection problem.
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    Tell your company to wait until the wx is released by verizon and get it.

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