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    I installed the threaded messages and everything was fine for about 5 days. There were two lines, one for email and the other for text messages. I had to do a soft reset and now my email line says "SMS: 1 Unread" I don't have an unread text and now that line that was my email goes to SMS now. What happened and how can I fix this? (Preferably no hard reset)

    Thanks for any help
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    If you check the big thread on the Threaded App, it is a known issue. The powers that be say to delete the from your startup folder and do a soft reset and it is to fix the issue. Good Luck!
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    The suggestion to remove poutlook from \windows\Startup is to keep the poutlook from intercepting sms's so the above problem won't occur again. To fix the unread message that is stuck in poutlook you'll need to install spb diary to read the unread message and uninstall. It' either that or hard reset. Whichever you prefer.
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    I have DL the spb diary, What section is the text messageing under to read it?
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    I think you just click on the envelope icon on the left to open the mail/sms view. I've never had to do this so I'm just guessing.
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    ahh, I may need to change SMS.OLD back to SMS in the in-box in order to see it on the diary because it dies not show other text messages. I guess after I delete it from that (probally the message that was sent while I was in soft re-set) then it should go away?

    EDIT: Yea, that was it. Its gone now. SPB Diary only shows folders that are in the microsoft in-box (the old SMS) not the new palm one. This SMS was stuck in limbo when I soft re-set the device.
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