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    While in the office I don't need messaging service but phone only. I've followed instructions and tap the EV icon then tap disconnect to supposedly turn off messaging while maintaining phone access. But in a few moments messaging starts receiving emails again.

    Does anyone have the "trcik" to shut off, and keep off until turned back on, messaging while maintaining phone voice) capabilities.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you doing direct push? If yes, I would leave it on so your phone is in sync with your PC. If you don't like getting the message notifications on your phone while in the office, use Phone Alarm and you can set you work profile so there are no e-mail notifications. They will still come to the phone but you won't hear the sound. I do that at home but leave it on at the office. I don't mind hearing it while at my desk and when I am away from it I know I got mail.

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    When I am in the office, I set AS to receive every 4 hours.

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