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    Anyone get Pocket Express working on a 750v? I did a hard reset and then installed but still got a fatal error. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Nope. Working fine on my 750v. I'm running Pocket Express v3.20.83. Pocket Express is actually the reason why I purchased my first Treo. I use ALL the time.

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    Working fine on mine as well, but I did have to hard reset after installing and reinstall again.
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    It turns out both the program and MS Net framework have ti be installed in the main memory for it to work. What a waste of space! On Palm OS, it works fine from the storage card.
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    Not true. I have .NET installed in regular memory and Pocket Express on storage card and it works fine.
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    Must be a different version. I just tried it and it only works if both are in the main memory.
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    Hmmm. I am using the latest version, I d/l it last week. Handmark carried over my subscription from the Palm OS (Treo 650) to the 750. Terrific support!
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    Very strange. Maybe we have different versions of ROM in the 750. I'm using the Singapore version. No big deal. I still have plenty of main RAM available. I never thought to ask about the Palm OS transfer. I'll do so. Thanks.
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    I too used Pocket Express on my 650, and also didn't love the way the app behaved under WM. Once Windows Live for mobile came out, I've never looked back. I mostly used Pocket Express for Maps, Directions, 411 lookups, and Live Search just blows Express away, plus Live is free.
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    the difference in the way pocket express works on pos vs wm is due to the net framework. this net framework sucks. I have unistalled pocket express for this reason.
    you can use a few other apps like windows live search to get what pocket express did and not have to worry about the net framework.

    btw, I used pocket express installed in main memory and the net frame work on storage. work fine. or shall I say, as good as it gets.

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