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    First and foremost to save tons of time and trouble....I have called palm and sprint and nobody has been able to fix this as of yet....I have contacts in phone and as well as in outlook, the most updated are in my phone....I cannot seem to get any of them synced either way....I hav alraedy deleted relationships, I have done a hard reset to see if the contacts sync back form outlook, i have reinstalled activesync as well as outlook. Ironically everything else syncs fine such as calender, notes, tasks, etc....just contacts NOTHING happens....its driving me nuts....anyone know why this is or what i can do to fix it? This was all using my laptop

    Even more odd I figured I can do a fresh install of activesync on my PC and see if that works, when I put in the Palm CD it said I need windows XP, 2000 etc in order to install, so it failed install, the funny thing is I have XP pro on that machine, so I figured maybe Cd was bad, went to the website same can someone help please?
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    while the phone is plugged into the cable, go to tools, options, and make sure contacts is selected, if it is not select it, then unplug the phone and replug to see if that works.

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