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    Hey yall. When I soft reset my phone the evdo connects automatically, I do not remember if it use to do this but if I remember correctly the phone fires up with just the ev icon on top. But last 10 soft resets when the phone fires up the ev is gone and it has the two arrows that are solid. How do I turn this off so when it boots evdo is not on. I guess what i'm asking is how do iI stop evdo from connecting automatically on a soft reset.Hope my grammer isn't to confusing trying to type and think fast.
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    Are you sure its connecting or do you just mean that icon at the top? If I am not mistaken that icon is simply an indicator that you are connected to an EVDO enabled cell tower. If you are in an area with 1xRTT you'll see a [1X] icon.
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    Why not just leave it connected?
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