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    Ive searched but couldnt find anything really, is there any sites that have themes that can be used on the 700w, that have pics so you can actually see what you are putting on? I see alotta theme sites, but when i try placing them on they either dont work, or arent formatted for the 700w. I jus want like 2 or 3 bad *** themes that are better then the stock ones. Maybe a black one or something like that
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    Also their are a few found here.

    You will need to register to download any skins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sfld View Post
    Ive searched but couldnt find anything really

    Not a very good searcher since there are a bunch of threads on this.
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    maybe im retarded, but i downloaded the themes to my storage card, and i cant seem to get any themes to actually load, any help? thanks
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    If you want to get serious try
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    not trying to get serious, just want straight up black theme which ive found, but i cant get it to show up under themes under today settings...
    thanks for the help
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    nevermind i didnt know you had to copy the files to the windows folder
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    If you want to get serious try
    Some say "serious," some say "overkill"

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